The Bet


Two strangers, an everyman and a rich man, involve themselves in a discussion - which of Capital punishment and Life imprisonment is more humane, or inhumane - that turns into an argument which in turn, turns into an egotistic war of words, finally leading to... A bet.
The conditions? The everyman locks himself up in a room without a phone, internet or human connection and counts down 15 years, at the end of which period he stands to win more money than he could ever dream of. Failure would mean the rich man wins the argument and his money and ego stayundepleted. Based on Anton Chekhov's short story of the same name, ''The Bet'' takes an unflinching look at the human psyche, deconstructs it at the level of ambition and ego and lays bare the souls of two individuals inhabiting disparate worlds of thought, in a thriller-drama format.
  • Ranga Shankara
    36/2 8th Cross II Phase J P Nagar, Bangalore
  • Sunday Oct 4, 2015
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